Lukas Prudky, Photographer – Videographer

I started my photography career in 2010. After I had found my passion in travelling and photography I started as a photographer for an agency in Salzburg, Austria. Two years later, after shooting pictures of sport activities, events, people, politicians and products, I decided to start my own business.

Right time, right place: I met some kiteboarding friends and with them I started for a big sports brand, which brought me all around the world. It helped to combine my two passions: travelling and photography.


I always liked sports and people photography, but I also fell in love with wedding photography, since the energy of weddings is unique and always special. As a photographer you have the chance to make that days even more special and forever captured.

For two years now I also take videos. It is always fun to try something new and to let creativity emerge in videofootage.

Since 2014 i have a new project. The FotoBus and old VW T1 Bus with a PhotoBooth in it. Check it out: