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        Vw Bus mit Fotobox 10. Juni 2020

        FotoBus Video

        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1zeBDSUPkY& Der FotoBus
        Surfer in Hawaii 1. Juni 2018

        new page coming soon

        The page will be ready soon! Stay tuned!
        Vintage Wedding 1. Mai 2018

        The Wedding

        The lovely couple got married in Salzburg.
        14. Juli 2017

        Sierra and Gabe – 10 years together

        14. Juli 2017

        Reflections of my soul

        14. Juli 2017

        Miriam & Eduardo weddings

        14. Juli 2017

        Meredith and Sky

        13. Juli 2017

        Black and White magic

        13. Juli 2017

        My life – my rules

        13. Juli 2017

        Water and Fire – the power of contrast

        Now in the galleries and blogpost you have an option to extend the certain gallery or post layout and add a block that relates to this gallery or post only. Lets say the photoshoot was featured in th...